About EAG & Our Mission

For previous generations, a pension plan and Social Security were enough to cover the cost of living for retired seniors. Unfortunately, as you know, Social Security hasn’t kept up with inflation, and most pensions have been replaced with 401k plans that fluctuate with the markets. Most seniors have spent the majority of their lives trying to pay off their mortgage in hopes of having that large payment gone when they retire. But life often gets in the way, including medical and child education expenses, increases in groceries and medication costs, rising gasoline and utility prices, and the list goes on.


It’s unacceptable for our seniors, the best our society has to offer, not to have the means they need to live the lives they’ve earned and desire during retirement. We must do better. That’s why we at EAP are leading the charge. By helping educate seniors of any means of the products and services that can lead to great financial independence, we believe we can improve the lives of millions, including those who are best served through Reverse Mortgage loans.

Jeffrey James Miller, CEO

Equity Access Group